A Day To Remember

It seems as if it was more than a day ago that Jay woke me up for the last day of school. Jay now sleeps on top of my bed, and it was a blessing today because my alarm went off and I didn't move a muscle! I woke up about ten minutes late to Jay standing on top of me! I guess he knew I would be in trouble if I slept any longer. *grin*

Once I made it to school, Rockstarpara and I got caught up. Her family could be cast in a Made-For-TV-Movie, so it's always a joy to laugh with her first thing in the morning because she ALWAYS has a story to share. Truthfully, I think she has a gift to laugh even in the midst of challenges. Truth be told, I think I'm going to miss her more than anyone else this Summer. She's been a real blessing to me, as well as the little people. SERIOUSLY.

Once the morning bell rang, the little people started bringing me gifts. Sweetgirl brought me a 42 ounce bag of M&M's! I was grinning ear-to-ear! Ralph brought me a sweet card and a tin of life-savers mints! I LOVED that! SecondgradeJewel brought me tea, a pitcher, and Peanut M&M's. While Peanut M&M's are not my favorite, it was definitely the heart behind it that mattered most. *grin*

Perhaps the most touching gift came from Blondekid. Blondekid's Mom called me this morning to thank me for all the hard work I've put into teaching her son. While this isn't the first kind phone call this parent has given me, it was a memorable one nonetheless. She went on to say that last night on the drive home from somewhere, Blondekid told his Mom out-of-the-blue that he has decided what he wants to be when he grows up. You guessed it, he wants to be a teacher! Of course, his Mom followed with, "Well, son, you need to learn how to spell then!" I cracked up when I heard that! She went on to say that Blondekid was afraid he wouldn't see me today because I had told the kids that they would be with their classes today for the end-of-year festivities. I told her I was going to head down to his classroom after the assembly to see him. She said he had a gift for me. She also said that Blondekid knew I was going to a camp this Summer and wanted me to go to Boy Scout Camp with him. I laughed and told her that I was only doing one camp this Summer, but it was sweet that he thought of me! I did make it down later for my gift, and he gave me a crayon box that he made me in Boy Scouts. On the inside he dedicated it to me and wrote, "You are my favrite tearter." Well, while spelling will remain at the top of my priority list for Blondekid, it was VERY touching for me! *grin*

Another touching moment came about 11:30 when I was in my room taking care of a few things and Smartkid came in to say good-bye. He walked in crying!!! I went over and hugged him and reassured him that he could ALWAYS come back and visit. I walked him back up to the office to meet with his Mom, who also gave me a hug and thanked me. I hugged Smartkid before he left. He will be at Middle School next year, and I will miss him greatly.

After dismissal, WorshipLeaderGuy called and invited me for dinner at his house with the family! (They cheered since Summer had officially started at noon!) I accepted and worked hard this afternoon to get everything done. While I don't have EVERYTHING done, I don't have ANY papers to grade OR lessons to plan this weekend!!! I will go back up either tomorrow or Monday to get everything finished, but there isn't a whole lot left. *grin*

After walking Jay tonight, I relaxed a bit. I had a headache and just needed to rest. About 8:30, I turned to Jay and said, "Okay, I am going to Awakening." I knew I wanted to go since this was my first night of break!!! I am glad I went too. Cory was leading worship when I got there, and I LOVED it. I am so excited about this Summer. It has been a dream of mine to be on staff at IHOP and while that isn't what I'm called to do yet, I do get a Summer to go and soak and serve as much as I feel led. I stayed at Awakening tonight until 11pm, and I told God as I was walking out that I am excited about this Summer. I feel like my lamp is empty, and I look forward to having it filled this Summer and growing closer to Him in the process.

On the drive home, I was pondering how it feels like I just moved here. When I moved here, I knew it was the right thing to do. I was nervous, but I knew it was the right thing to do. Sitting here on my first night of Summer Break, I thank God for putting me here. Opening a new school is A LOT of hard work, and while I'm WIPED tonight, I'm glad I did it.

And while there are still days I miss my friends at my old school so much that I fight tears, I'm glad I'm here.

I am home.