Feelin' Appreciated!!!

This week has been amazing. In case you're outta the loop, this week is "Teacher Appreciation" week. In the past, I have had good TAP weeks, but not like this year.

The Paras chipped in and got me M&M's, a card, and Pepsi! Love. It.
RockStarPara gave me a COOL card and a LIfeIsGood gift card! *grin*
Benji brought me Pepsi and M&M's. *grin*
Another student's Mom dropped off a flower for each of us who work with her son.
My principal and her secretary brought us COOL Lanyards that have SVE Janguars on it!
We've had plenty of sweets in the lounge. Our PTA ROCKS!
Oh, and tomorrow I get my ten minute massage. *grin*

I definitely feel appreciated this week!

You know, it's amazing, all of this stuff is just stuff. Little stuff. But, it honestly doesn't take much to make teachers happy. Seriously. Everyone should be so easily blessed.