From Jay!


Jay here. Long time, no post! Well, I am finally feeling well enough to post something! It may not be exciting, but while Shortone is doing chores, I thought I'd write.

Shortone has been really nice to me this weekend because I wasn't feeling well. On Friday Night I threw up a little bit. Shortone just said that she thought it was something I ate and didn't seem too worried. Yesterday I really didn't feel good, and Shortone became more concerned because I wasn't eating, drinking, peeing, or pooping. Shortone said if I wasn't better today, I would have to go see Dr. Placke. So, last night I tried my best but I threw up a few times. Shortone said that after church I would have to go see Dr. Placke if I was still throwing up when she got back. So, before she left I felt a little bit better so I started eating. She prayed over me and left for church. When she returned I felt REALLY good, and peed and ate more and drank more water! Shortone was SO SO SO SO SO SO SO EXCITED. We even went for a walk this afternoon! I felt SO MUCH BETTER! Shortone said she is still keeping a close eye on me, but thinks I am better. I like Dr. Placke, but don't want to go there if I don't have to! They have other dogs there and it scares me!!!

Oh, and Laura came to see me yesterday! It was so much fun! I like her a lot! She always pets me, hugs me, and plays with me! I really like her! She even played the Wii a little bit yesterday and LOVED it! I like it when she comes because she and Shortone get to talk a lot about stuff and they sure do laugh a lot! I know that Shortone thinks Laura comes just for her, but I know better, she really comes to see ME!

Shortone has been saying all day that in four weeks she's on break so she will get to be more home with me more. I am really really excited about that! She says we'll cuddle on the couch everyday before she goes to the Prayer Room, whatever that is. I am REALLY EXCITED!

Uh oh, here she comes! Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, don't tell her I wrote on here!