God Knew...

Almost everyday I am in awe of God's perfect timing and how He puts people together at just the right moment. Today I had one of those moments.

I had a meeting with a parent of one of my fine, quality, students. The parent is a wonderful gal who is genuinely trying to do what is best for her child. I had put quite a bit of prayer into today's meeting, as I knew what I wanted to say, but I knew that the delivery had to be His words, not mine. Otherwise, it wouldn't work.

As it turned out, it all fell into place perfectly. The parent appeared to be making the kid's disability a DISABILITY. I was able to share a bit of my story, and ENCOURAGE her with some ideas to help her child through the challenges that are ahead of him. My goal for this kid to have the disability be part of him, but not ALL of him. The parent was VERY receptive and while I don't expect changes overnight, I think it was a step in the right direction.

It all leads me back to the sermon I heard a few weeks back where I was challenged with the thought, "What if your purpose in life is for someone else to see Jesus in you? Are you okay with that?" Today I really feel that God put me there for that gal. I also feel He made me with CP to help the family of that fine, quality student.

God knew I would be in that room with that gal before I was even born. *grin* I LOVE THAT!!!