Leaky Bucket Lady

Tonight I am ABSOLUTELY exhausted, but it was a REALLY fun day. Today was the First Annual SVE Fitness Fun Day! I was one of the people in charge of Leaky Buckets. I had third and fourth graders who came with their class to my station in fifteen minute increments. It was basically a relay race with buckets with holes in them. They had to carry the bucket down to the trash can that was full of water, fill it, and carry it back to the bucket for their team. They were allowed to hold the bucket over their heads and get themselves wet, but could not get anyone else wet. It was HILARIOUS to watch! I expected to be soaked as well, but I remained fairly dry. I had packed a bag with other clothes, but never used them. The kids LOVED it!!! Of course, leave it to kids to get soaked at 9:15am! I was thinking, "Oh the days of youth where you enjoy being soaked and will be soaked all day and don't care."

After lunch we had a kickball game between the 6th graders and the staff. I was the third base referee! It was fun! The teachers won, and it was full of events that we won't forget. (Some of the kids who got teachers out were incredible athletes!)

It was a joyous day, and while I am tired now, it was really fun!

I had only one thought at the end of the kickball game: 4.5 days!