Not A Typical Woman

I have given today's post months of pondering, and while I'm not at my final conclusions on the topic, I find it's relevant to share tonight.

When I was younger, my Dad and I went for a drive every once in a while. Sometimes I liked our topics of conversation, and other times I felt my character was built as my Dad taught me life's tough lessons. Today I'm SO VERY THANKFUL that my Dad and I had every conversation that we did, as it has shaped me into a stronger person who ponders those chats today as an adult.

The one I have been pondering lately is how not to be a typical woman. Now before you go thinking negative things in that statement, let me explain it to you. I have been pondering (as my Dad and I have discussed over and over and over again) how women are typically gossipers, seeking knowledge about things that really have little to nothing to do with them. Over and over again I have witnessed women who are wonderful gals, but you put them in a group of women and they are quickly judging and speaking ill of one another, when the next moment that person will walk in and be all nice to them. To be honest, that bugs me. I realize that insecurity plays a significant role in how women talk, but I think it's sad when there are zillions of other things to talk about, and yet when women get together it's often negative instead of positive. That bugs me.

At work I find myself praying quite a bit (In my head of course, not outloud.) because I see this happen over and over and over again. Honestly, none of them appear to be vicious in their words, yet judgement is loud and clear. So, I've set my own IEP goal for myself not to participate in those discussions. I'll be honest, that has taken effort because I find myself around those chats often, and I want to tell people to change the topic but I know that isn't my place.

I often find myself very casually trying to bring the positive into a conversation when negative is rampant. While it doesn't always change the course of the chat, I know I'm doing what's right for me. I have thought several times that it's no wonder that it says in James to Tame the Tongue. Just in what we say can ruin our own reputation or one of someone around us.

While I don't have this figured out completely, I thought that it was a good start to figuring all this stuff out. I do know that I won't want to be typical. I want to be the person that people see as positive, not negative. I often have people curse and then say, "Sorry" to me. That's fine. At least something positive is being shown even in that little gesture.

Tonight as I have pondered this, I have felt enormously blessed to have Laura and SingingGal in my life. They are both women who can easily talk about the other zillion things instead of the negative things in life. And honestly, that means more to me than Gold. No wonder they are at the top of my favorite people list!!!