Out at camp, the last night with campers we have something called Cross Carry, followed by Say-So. Cross Carry honors what Jesus did for us, as well as past campers who have gone on to be with Jesus. It is rather emotional, and a night that I ALWAYS remember because of the emotion.

You would think Cross Carry would be the most memorable part for me, but it's not. After praying at Cross Carry, we walk down to the tennis courts, the campers (who want to) line up to thank the staff or their CIA's for all the hard work that they had put in that week to help them.

I remember the first year I went, we had a tough camper. She was sweet, but tough. The week would have been easy if this girl had been motivated to do ANY activity there. She fell asleep at the parking lot by the horses because she was tired and didn't want to ride the horses. I was bummed. It was the first year for me to be there, and instead of taking pictures and laughing with everyone, I was sitting by the camper with the CIA while she slept. I could go on and on, as this camper confused me. She went to camp for a week, and didn't do A THING that week. (She's autistic, but high functioning.)

So, that year Cross Carry and Say-So were moved inside due to rain. I remember feeling a tad nervous because I had no idea what it all looked like or what was going to happen. Cross Carry was amazing, and then we moved upstairs for Say-So.

As you might have guessed, ToughCamper went up and got in line. I must admit, I was skeptical due to her actions that week. When she got to the mic, she thanked all of us by name for all of our hard work, and admitted that she was a tough camper. I remember in that moment when we all looked at each other and said, "Okay, that makes all that hard work worth it." It was a memory that is forever part of me.

Today, after a rather stressful day, I had two people comment to me in such a way that I thought, "Oh, that makes this year worth it." Not that it takes people to realize I'm doing what I'm created to do, because I know God crafted me specifically to do my job. However, sometimes when you hear encouraging words from the person you least expect, it helps turn a somewhat frustrating perspective into a positive one. For that to happen today for me was a gift from God.