Smilin' in the GPR!!!

This afternoon before I went up to school to get my paperwork done, I looked online to see what the Prayer Room schedule was for tonight. I already knew two of my favorite worship leaders were on tonight, but I wasn't sure what time. When I looked at it, it stated that my three favorite leaders were scheduled for tonight!!! I was THRILLED. After getting my work done, I headed to the Prayer Room.

Misty's set was first, and I really enjoyed it. It was slow and intimate. I always love her sets!!!

The next team was Matt's, and we went into intercession for Human Trafficking. I find it amazing how I go through different seasons. Sometimes I love the slow sets, and others I love intense stuff. Tonight I LOVED Matt's intensity. There was a phrase that I LOVED back in 2003, and he brought it back tonight. I was grinning ear-to-ear! LOVE. IT.

The last set I stayed for was Jaye's. Cory was on the team, but Jaye led tonight. I just grinned ear-to-ear the whole time. I still find myself thinking "I can't believe I'm here!" I grinned the whole time.

I worked hard this past school year and it feels WONDERFUL not to have homework of any kind. I can go to the GPR, without work to be done!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh, I love Summer!