Summer Break Eve

I have spent the majority of my day on the computer. Part of my job involves keeping data and creating reports based upon that data. Today I spent the day entering in data and printing a report out for each student. In fact, I brought my school laptop home and finished about ten minutes ago. While I'm not completely done because I need to print several reports at work and get everything in the Special Education Folders, I am PROBABLY going to be done tomorrow!!! *grin*

Rockstarpara has taken down all my posters, bulletin boards, etc. There isn't anything left for me to pack up. I am blessed to have Rockstarpara in my life. Not only has she helped with the room, but she has provided entertainment for me and made me laugh when I needed a breaks at just the right time. Even in my most stressed moments, I remained cheerful because I had someone beside me laughing with me.

So this time tomorrow night I will be on break. I am so excited! After tomorrow I won't need to wake up to an alarm, and can cuddle with Jay EVERYDAY before my day begins.

Well, of course until August. But, we're not going to think about that, are we? *grin*