A Time Such As This

You ever think about life? I know, I know, sure you have. But, I mean, have you ever thought about how you're on Earth, today, right now? I mean, you could have been born 200 years ago, before cars, electricity, TV's, internet, air conditioning, heat (as we know it today), telephones, texting, dishwashers, washers, or dryers. While the list could go on and on and on, you get my point. In today's society, we rely so much on technology, that I can't imagine life without it. I remember a few years back when an ice storm went through the area I was living in and people lost electricity for days or weeks. While I didn't lose electricity for more than a couple hours, it made me begin to think about life as we know it.

I have often pondered the depth of the fact I was born for "a time such as this." The more I ponder it all, the more blessed I feel. When I hear reports of the economy fluctuating, or gloom and doom news reports, I think to myself, "Okay, God, you put me here and knew I could handle this with you, so please show me what to do."

I am living in a time in history when teachers are losing jobs due to the economy. TEACHERS. I was convinced I was going into a field with job security for life. What I am seeing around me shows me otherwise. I thought moving to the big city would ensure me of job security even more than where I was at, while in fact the opposite is happening. It definitely makes me stop and think.

I also think about how college doesn't prepare you for everything. No one could have prepared me for a season of singleness that has lasted this long. That being said, God knew I could handle it. In so many ways, I think Jay is better than a spouse, as it's low stress and a lot of laughter. Based upon my walk with God and what I have seen in my years of being single, I realize the importance of waiting for who God has for me. The good news is that God is CONSTANTLY strengthening me in the midst of this society where being single isn't the norm. God knew I could do this! That makes me smile.

I am also living in a time in history where I have more divorced parents of the students in my classroom than married ones. I have to look up each student's information before I call them because I have to make sure I'm calling the right parent that has custodial rights, and that I call them by their current married name because last names rarely match anymore. Even today, it often makes me scratch my head and go "huh?"

With all this being said, I am also living in a time in history where I am blessed to have a Prayer Room to go to and be strengthened and encouraged in what matters most to me. Tonight I went to service, drove shuttles, and wound up in the Prayer Room. In the Prayer Room I am challenged, encouraged, and inspired. There are other people on this planet who are hungry like me, and want to go deeper in Him. I am fortunate to be able to spend this Summer in the Prayer Room and Awakening Services. Yes, this world is challenging, but it's good to know that there is Someone I can talk to, and somewhere to go where I feel at home. The part that blows my mind is that God knew I would be in the Prayer Room before I was even born!

God knew I would be here for a time such as this. I was born for this time in history. Today. Now. One hundred years from now, I wonder what people will be saying about this time in history. With technology changing so rapidly, it makes me wonder what they will laugh about. Something tells me the phrase "You had a Wii? That's SO OLD!" will be said. No telling what else they will laugh about.

God could have created me for any time in history, but He chose to put me here now. While I'm 37 and still have a lot of life to live, I feel blessed to be here now. As I sat in the Prayer Room tonight, I told God I want to be His vessel during this time in history so that everyone who meets me, meets Him.

I am blessed to be here now. For a time such as this...