"What's Wrong with YOU?"

Okay, so tonight I used my filter when I really wanted to go off on someone. Hard to believe, I know, but it's true. The gal nicknamed "Pleasant" on shuttles wanted to go off on someone. Go ahead, think awful things about me, I'm okay with that. However, after you hear my reason, I doubt you will.

First I will tell you what happened:

I took a break from driving shuttles to go inside and use the restroom. After using the restroom and washing my hands, I was walking out when this lady walked up to me, got in my face, and said, "What's wrong with you?" I looked at her and simply said, "Nothing is wrong with me." To which she looked at me and looked down at my leg and I said, "Nothing is wrong with me. I was just born with Cerebral Palsy." She just looked at me and said "Do you want me to pray for you or not?" To which I just looked at her, thought horrible thoughts, and said, "sure." She prayed a short prayer and I walked away MAD!

Now, in my rational, mature thoughts, I believe the following things:

1. This person most likely was in a class like the one I teach today when she was a child. She had a speech problem and obviously lacked social skills. She also didn't appear to be cognitively with it.
2. She wasn't at FCF the day Mike preached about healing and how to pray for healing for others. Otherwise, she would have known how to do it right.
3. I'm in an environment where healings happen nightly, so it does make sense that she wants me to be healed. Someone walked out of a wheelchair last week, and nothing is impossible with God.

In my honest, unfiltered response, here is what I wanted to say to her:

NOTHING is wrong with me! I am a perfectly capable human being that can do everything you can do! I may walk differently than you, but God is using me JUST LIKE THIS! I'm not different...me being "healed" as you call it would not make my life "better." I walk differently is all!!! Yes, I get tired sometimes and fall down, which I'm sure you do too. Yes, I walk slowly, but I'm fine with that! The people who truly care about me don't care how fast I walk! And by the way, the students I teach "get" me because I can relate to them in a way YOU could not. By the way, they have more compassion for someone who simply walks differently than you are showing me in this moment of wanting me "Healed". I also live on my own, pay my own bills, walk my dog daily, and drive a standard car. I don't even have a "handicapped" license plate. I'M NOT DISABLED!!! God knew I would be a Rockstar at having CP (As Ms. H. said once!) and is using it DAILY in the lives of those around me. So, no, don't pray for me! I'm whole as I am! From now on, use more tact when asking if someone wants prayer, because I am offended by the way you approached me and thought my life is less satisfying than yours just because I have a limp! My life is GREAT. And honestly, the limp is part of me, not all of me. SERIOUSLY...

Ah, I feel better. Are you thinking awful things about me now? Well, rest assured, I know I would NEVER say that to anyone. This gal is one of God's kids, so I know better than to tear someone down. But I will admit, I do feel better. *grin*