Adventures with SuperMom!

Having TeacherFam and her kids here has been so much fun! I am re-naming them though. TeacherFam definitely has a SuperMom! She juggles all THREE boys incredibly well! I am in awe of how well she manages a nine-year-old, three-year-old, and 6 month old! She has to juggle feeding the baby on his schedule, as well as the other two boys. I will say that the other two boys are used to having to stop and wait a lot while Chris gets fed. In fact, they seem used to having to wait while SuperMom juggles strollers, carseats, and a baby bag. Johnathon (9), is GREAT at helping his Mom with everything. I was really impressed. These kids are GREAT. I have really enjoyed their stay.

Today we got up and went to the Kansas City Zoo. It was incredible! We rode the tram and train around the zoo. We also walked around and looked at the animals. One cool thing was that we decided to get a stroller (We left the one they had in the car because it said you couldn't take strollers on the tram and train.) from the stroller rental that could hold two kids. (Three-year old and Chris could ride in it.) We walked up, SuperMom went to pay, and the guy gave it to us for FREE! So, the stroller was SUCH a good thing, as we were able to store things in the back of it, as well as push the little people. I got to do most of the pushing, which is LOVED!

Honestly, the animals were cool but the best part was seeing it through the little people's eyes. Johnathon (9), wants to be a paleontologist and LOVES animals, so it was fun to see it through his eyes. The three-year-old was afraid of some of the animals at times, but loved it anyway.

After the zoo and dinner, Johnathon and I headed to the neighborhood pool to swim. (We wanted SuperMom to have a break!) We did the slide ten times in a row. I stopped after ten, but Johnathon kept going. We swam for a little over an hour, and had a TERRIFIC time.

I'm now wiped out, but the whole day was fun!

SuperMom and crew leave in the morning, and I will be sad to see them go. The cool part is that I don't see it as the end though...this is only the continuation of a precious friendship. Afterall, I consider Johnathon my semi-adopted child. I am one blessed gal.