Dig Your Own Well, Have Your Own History in God

One of my former pastors often used the phrase, "Dig your own well, and have your own history in God." I have ALWAYS loved that phrase! I think so often in life we are encouraged to walk the walk like others around us and follow in their footsteps, when in reality we should be embracing the different paths God takes us all on this side of Heaven.

This was brought back to me again tonight as I sat in the Prayer Room. (It's 1am and I just got in! I love Summer!) Clay Edwards came out to do the 12am set, and went into a song montage that took me on my own journey through my own history in God. We did songs from when I was a part of Open Hand (Draw me Close) to standing on the hill at OneDay 2000 (This is the Air I Breathe) to my history at IHOP (Yearn as well as several others.).

I was taught in a Science Class in High School that the sense that brings back the most memories is the sense of smell. Well, I disagree with that. For me, my memories are mostly tied to songs. (This makes sense, as I LOVE music.) Music can bring up emotion, and take you back to the moment that that song clicked for me.

I can still recall standing on that hill in Tennessee at OneDay, wondering what God had in store for me. I can honestly say that at that point in my life I hadn't really experienced pain, disappointment, or loneliness. I was at the tail-end of my college days, ready to take on the world. Christy Nockels came out and sang "Breathe" and I was undone with a heart of passion for the Lord. I wasn't distracted by anything. And honestly, I wish I could rewind to that hill. I know I can't, which is why I'm so glad I can still be taken back to it, even if it's through singing songs that remind me of my heart's cry at that time. Tonight it helped me unlock some of those emotions again.

I also know that I couldn't have my own unique history in God without my experiences the past ten years with loneliness, disappointment, and (sometimes) pain. I also know that in the past ten years of my history in God, I discovered IHOP-KC. Through each experience, good or bad, IHOP kept me rooted and grounded in His love, and the deep things of Him. Even when my own knowledge of God was assaulted throughout those ten years, I knew that I knew that I knew that God was with me, guiding me...building my own history with Him.

Right before I left the Prayer Room tonight, Clay went into a song that I had never heard before. It was clear that it's popular in the Prayer Room, as many others in the room were singing right along. I liked the song just as much as I recall liking Breathe on that hill in Tennessee. As we sang it out, I was reminded that there are still memories to be made, and a well to be dug even further. And honestly, I am excited that I have a Summer to dig away!

By the way, Pastor Mike, thanks for the phrase you gave us as a church family. It's a phrase that I plan to use often to encourage others to dig their own wells, and have their own histories in God.