The Dog Park!!!

Today I took the plunge with some of my favorite little people, and we took Jay to the dog park by my school. In a way, it's hard to believe that it's taken me this long to get him there since it's right by my school and Jay is spoiled. My hesitancy to take him there was because of his fear of other dogs. Being the protective dog owner that I am, I thought I was doing him a favor by NOT taking him. That being said, on our most recent visit to the vet, the vet encouraged me to get him there so that he can interact with other dogs and learn how to play with them. So, I today was the day!!!

Now, I had driven by the park many times, but had never actually stopped there to see what all was available for Jay to do. So, when we got there, I had to read all the signs and make sure we were following the rules. The kids were ready to go! We entered in the park, and there were dogs loose to run and play. I wondered who this adventure was going to be more challenging for, me or Jay! The cool part was that I felt at peace about it though. Like, I wasn't sure how it was all going to play out, but I wasn't afraid Jay would get hurt. I figured that was a God-Thing because Jay can be cool one moment, and snap the next. Anything was possible.

Jay did REALLY well compared to what I expected the experience to be for both of us. The park is really nice and fairly large so you can either walk the path, sit on a bench and watch dogs play, or take the dogs through the obstacle course. Or course, I thought it was funny that Jay was scared of all the obstacle course stuff. Well, all except the miniature tunnel that he walked through after being encouraged by one of the little people. *grin*

There was a moment during the trip that taught me something though. Jay was playing with a group of dogs (Which I was thrilled about!) and they wound up playing follow the leader, with Jay in front. Jay got scared so I said, "Come here, Jay," and he ran to me. While this isn't unusual, as we're best friends and he comes to me all the time, it made me think about God. It made me feel good that Jay sought shelter with me, and knew I would protect him. (Which is somewhat humorous because some of those dogs were big and could have knocked me over!) He didn't want the little people (Which would have been fine by me, as long as he was safe.), he wanted me. And it made me wonder if I run to God when I'm struggling as quickly as Jay did when he recognized he was in trouble. I don't know that I do, honestly. I let pride get in my way a lot. But it was a good lesson for me. I imagine that God LOVES it when I seek Him (Good or bad stuff.) just as I felt good having Jay find safety in me.
Kinda cool.

By the way, on the way out of the park, there is a water fountain for humans as well as one for dogs. Jay was scared of the water fountain. *grin* Silly dog!