Tonight I was driving shuttles and it turned out that we had enough drivers, so I asked Papa Bear if I could go in to service. He said yes, and I was really happy. I had the best intentions to go to service this morning, but overslept. Anyway, I went in and Misty was leading, which made me smile. I love it when she leads, and I haven't been in many services lately where she has led, so that was cool.

We went into a ministry time, and I stayed back at first just praying. Then I felt led to go pray for a few people. I still love the fact that I am free to pray for people here! I wound up praying for two people that I don't know, and the Lord gave me words for them. I was told later that the words were right on. That made me smile, because the Lord was using me in the lives of people that I had never met before. I LOVE THAT!!! It's not me, it's God, which makes me so excited!

After ministry time, Mike Bickle came out to preach. And, it was a really good word. I ABSOLUTELY love the fact that in every sermon I hear, God has something in it for me to grab onto. I walked out of service glad I went tonight. REALLY glad!!!

I absolutely love it here. This week will my one year anniversary of when I moved here. I am SO GLAD I'm here!!!

Good. *grin*