From Jay Again!

Greetings everyone!

Jay here. Shortone said I could write tonight! Today was really fun! I woke Shortone up at 10:30. She laughed at me when I woke her up because I was standing on her back! She said something about how going back to sleep wasn't going to happen so she got up, whatever that means!

We went for a walk this afternoon, and it was really fun. It wasn't as hot today, which was nice. Oh, and the sprinklers were going all along our street, so I got to get wet! The new neighbor boy, Michael, got to walk me a little too! I enjoyed that because he can run faster than Shortone. Of course, once Shortone sat down on the sidewalk, I ran to her. She's my favorite person!

Shortone said something about her guests not coming tomorrow, so she invited my old family over for dinner and to go for a walk. They came and got her and left for a while, but then they came back! We went for a walk around the lake, and it was really fun because Adawee walked me and I was running with her! I like walking with Shortone, but sometimes it's fun to run too!

Once we got back here, the little people left, and SingingGal stayed. They watched a movie on the TV. Shortone got really involved in it, talking to the TV. SingingGal was laughing at her! I loved that they watched a movie because I fell asleep in Shortone's lap!

Shortone left and went to the Prayer Room after that. I don't know what the Prayer Room is, but Shortone has been spending quite a bit of time there. She seems happy when she comes back, so that is cool. I miss her when she's gone, but she always comes back! Oh, and she's been leaving me out of the box lately when she's gone for short trips. I haven't gotten into anything, but then again she shuts the bedroom and bathroom doors, so I don't have much to get into either!

Ah, I love living with Shortone. She is really nice.

Well, she says I need to go. Something about tomorrow being a busy day.

She said to put this at the bottom: