Monday Night Fun!!!

Tonight I went to the Prayer Room. Monday nights are my favorite night to be there, as a lot of my favorite leaders lead worship on Mondays. I also love it because we pray for an end to Human Trafficking during the 8-10 set. My heart is continually enlarged for those trapped in Human Trafficking, so that set is a special one for me each week.

Tonight was a kick! Matt led first, and it was intense! I loved that! Cory came out, and we had the opposite, as it was slow and intimate. I typically make it a rule to leave before the next set comes out because I know I will want to stay. Tonight, I didn't manage to do that. Jaye came out to lead, and I LOVED it! I left at about 12:30 to rescue to the furry kid, but it was one amazing night!!!

I am loving this Summer! I am being changed nightly through the Spirit in the Prayer Room and Services.

I love it!