No One Else....

After driving shuttles tonight, I went in to service. I wasn't really sure what to expect, because IHOP-KC is hosting a conference for high schoolers, but I got in free because I was driving shuttles tonight. Woop!

Normally on Saturdays after I drive, Matt leads worship. Tonight, Matt led the first half of service while I was driving shuttles, so Cory came out just as I was entering the building. In my head, I was doing a little happy dance. Cory's team has become a favorite of mine, but I haven't really been in a lot of services lately where he has led. So, I was pumped!!!

First there was a prayer time, and I just sat and interceded from where I was at. Then Cory started leading. I LOVED every second of it! While I had already heard most of the stuff he sang, I was touched by a phrase in one of the songs. The phrase is, "No one else can love you like I love you Lord, 'cause I was made unique in Your heart, I was made to bring you JOY!"

The part that got me was "No one else can love You like I love you..." I got to thinking about it, and that is one deep statement. I think we often put each other in a box thinking, "If they would just do it the way I do it..." But, that isn't the case when it comes to God. No one else can love Him as I do. I am created to love him in my own, unique way.

I think that's true of all relationships we are in this side of Heaven. So often I see people get insecure thinking, "I want her to like me more." But, in reality, we're all called to love each other specifically the way God made us to do that. The more I think about that, the more I like that.

I also like the thought of loving God in my own way. Only I can give Him what I am created to give Him. Only my prayers can be said by me. Only God can know my every thought and move, even before I do!

Deep stuff...

By the way, we went into a time of joy, and I danced again in a way I haven't in YEARS. I was sweating like crazy by the end of it!

I love this Summer!!!

No one else can love Him like I do...very, very cool!