Not Feelin' 100%

Today hasn't exactly been the day I had planned. Okay, well, I didn't really have a plan (love summer!) but I didn't plan on being on the couch the majority of the day with a cold/flu. I went out long enough to take Jay on a mini-walk. It occurred to me that I haven't truly been sick since I've had Jay. I've had headaches, but not on the couch with sniffles and a fever. And I have been amazed at Jay. I was told once that dogs just "know" stuff, and that has certainly been the case today.

When we returned home from our walk, I laid back down on the couch. I decided to take a nap, which is something I NEVER do! I turned off the TV and rolled over, fully expecting Jay to jump on top of me. Instead, he slept on the recliner while I slept on the couch. He let me sleep the whole 45 minutes I was out! What a good pup!

Tonight I have felt a tad better, thanks to over-the-counter meds. I plan on sleeping plenty tonight, and pray that I feel better tomorrow. At least I feel like this during the Summer. Well, I mean, at least I don't have to call in "sick."

Tomorrow will be better. I'm sure of it!

Good...even when you're not feelin' 100%!!!