Oceans of Fun

Today I went with SingingGal and her girls to Oceans of Fun. It has been YEARS (no need to count how many years) since I had been there, and I was SO GLAD we went! They have added quite a few things since I was there, and it was a blast doing all the activities. While I didn't get to do one slide because of time restraints, it was a GREAT time!

My favorite ride was a four-person raft ride. The girls and I rode it first, and had a GREAT time. Due to the way the raft went down the slide, I was the person who faced the opposite way we were going! I always thought I wouldn't like that, but it was actually fun. I laughed a lot of the way down. The second time, SingingGal joined us, and she wound up being the one facing backwards! At one point she yelled, "I hate this!" I started laughing like crazy! I know, I know, it wasn't nice. For some reason though, it seemed REALLY funny! As we ended the ride, the lifeguard at the end asked us how we liked the ride. SingingGal stated that she didn't like it. I kept laughing. It wasn't that I was laughing at her, it was just her facial expressions and words made me laugh. Needless to say, it was our last time on the ride. It was FUN though!

I'm wiped, but today was FUN!!!