Painful Steps

Yesterday I took Jay for a walk down by the lake. It was one of our longer walks, but very enjoyable. They have put a new bench down by the lake, so we sat and watched boats go by and people attempt to water ski. We even laughed at some who tried and failed. I know that's mean, but the attempts were funny!

When we came back here I was a little sore, but that's normal for the long walk that we took. I figured that after some water and cleaning up I would feel better. (That's usually the way it works.) However, instead of feeling better, I started feeling worse. Each step I took I was more and more painful. Not excruciatingly painful, just sore pain. (If that makes sense.)

I went to service and didn't let it stop me last night. With each step, I was in pain. However, I still went ahead and participated, and I enjoyed service, I REALLY did.

I went to bed last night expecting to wake up and have the pain be gone. Instead, I barely walked to the bathroom this morning. I said a few prayers, laid in bed, and got up. Jay wasn't going to let me sleep anyway! *grin*

Walking at first was hard. In fact, if Jay could laugh, he probably would have! I came downstairs, wincing with each step. I plopped on the couch and watched "Flashpoint" as well as a few other shows. I looked at Jay repeatedly, and he was expecting his usual walk. (We've gotten into our Summer Schedule very well!) So, we went on a shorter walk than usual. Of course, he didn't care about the length, he was just glad to get to go for a walk.

I know from having pulled muscles in the past that in time I will be fine. This pain is temporary.

I tell ya what though, it has (again) taught me more about how much I take for granted. While I walk with a limp daily, I don't have pain associated with it. There are people who live in a world of pain daily. I am blessed enough to not deal with pain daily and this pain is temporary. It makes me wonder what else I take for granted. Hum....

With each step, I am reminded how blessed I truly am. In time, this pain will be gone. Walking will be easy again.

I am blessed.