Road Rage???

I stopped at the pharmacy on the way to IHOP to drive shuttles tonight. I went a different way than usual just because of where the pharmacy is located in relation to my house and IHOP. I should state that I'm a good driver, I really am.

So, when I was merging from 470 to Red Bridge, I had to cross several lanes to get into the turning lane to get to IHOP. I wound up having to really slow down in order to merge appropriately. From what I can honestly recall, I thought I had done okay. Apparently I didn't because I heard someone honk. I couldn't tell who honked and considered it over. I don't have that happen very often, and figured that we were all safe, so life goes on.

However, a car came up right on my bumper and honked. I prayed. I live in the big city and hear horror stories from time to time about road rage. I honestly couldn't tell you what I had done. Nor did I see any point in re-living the whole deal. It was over, and life goes on.

The car turned the way I did. Now, I'll be the first to admit, I watch a lot of NCIS and Criminal Minds, and told myself they weren't following me, that they were just headed my way. However, they continued to follow. It was a lady and looked like her son perhaps? So, I kept driving, and she kept following. Now, the longer she followed the more I wondered what to do. I mean, what was I going to do? Call 911 and say, "I think someone is following me, but I could be wrong. And well, I watch a lot of TV, so perhaps my mind is running and it's all for nothing." So, I kept going and turned into IHOP. The car also turned into IHOP. My thought was that I'm allowed to park by the shuttles, so I pulled back behind IHOP, thinking they would turn and it would all be over. Only deal is, she pulled in behind me and parked right beside me, and I was scared! Looking back, I was running on pure adrenaline and nothing else. (Perhaps that is why I'm so tired!) I looked over and she rolled her window down. I just stopped and started packing my backpack. Sitting here, I can still feel the fear, which is strange. Anyway, I thought about driving off, but well, I was late for my shift, etc, so I got out of the car. (Shaking, like I did in my last chapter of my life when I was yelled at.)

I just looked at her. The young man that was with her never looked at me, he just looked straight ahead. She didn't yell, I give her that. She just stated that I was one of three cars that cut her off. Honestly, I didn't know who she was until she was on my bumper, and had zero recollection of cutting her off. I just looked at her. My head was spinning, but I was still scared. Was she gonna pull a gun? (IHOP isn't in the ideal neighborhood!) Was she gonna hurt me?

She went on and said that I could have caused an accident and begged me to drive safer. (Her exact words were "Please, please please please drive safer!") I just looked at her. I didn't even think I had been that close to an accident to begin with. THEN she caught me off-guard and said that she was hoping that I wasn't someone who went to IHOP because she used to go to IHOP under Bickle, and I should do better than that because I go there.

I just stared at her. Then I said, "Ok". I mean, I was scared, and well, what was I going to say that would help the situation? Of course, now I can think of TONS to say, much like I did in my last chapter of my life. Honestly, I just wanted her to go. She paused, and I'm sure she was waiting for an apology, but she had just scared me to death! Then she left.

All night I've re-played it over and over again. On one hand, she didn't hurt me, and didn't even yell at me. She just talked.

On the other hand, I would love to see her again, now that I have pondered things. First off, I had NO recollection of cutting her off. Secondly, if three cars cut her off, why did she follow me? Third, just because I go to IHOP doesn't mean it prevents me from car's not as if I had purposely cut her off. It seemed like she took it personally, when in reality it had nothing personal within it.

I also wonder what I should have done. It scares me to think I had parked where I did instead of calling 911. What if it had been someone with a gun? I could have been hurt. And, that scares me. She has no idea how much it shook me. I can't let fear take over, I recognize that, but it is something I need to learn from. I clearly didn't cut this lady off on purpose, I was just trying to get to IHOP.

I'm so glad tomorrow is a new day. I plan on learning from this, but certainly don't plan on dwelling on it. Life is too short to do that!