Signs and Wonders Camp!

This week I have been assisting with shuttling the little people who are attending IHOP's Signs and Wonders Camp. Since this is my first FULL Summer here, I'm still learning what happens during the Summer around here. At this time, we have Awakening Teen Camp (A.T.C.) as well as Signs and Wonders Camp going on. Needless to say, things are HOPPIN'!

I help get the little people from one of the base to the other, and the kids have been FUN! More than once I've had girls on the shuttle singing typical camp songs, and I just LOVE IT! The kids are all so polite and I find myself smiling as I hear what they're saying and doing. My favorite shuttles are the ones that are full of singers. The girls sing VERY well!

Tonight we were supposed to pick them up at 6 and take them to Awakening. The schedule was changed at the last minute and I wound up going to Awakening for a little while. I LOVED IT! The place was full of ATC kids, and we had fun as Cory Asbury led us in worship! As usual, I grinned ear-to-ear as people danced and laughed. I still can't believe I live here!

After that I went out and grabbed my shuttle and picked up some kids. As one group of girls was getting off, one little girl said, "Thanks Ms. Shuttle-lady!" I just grinned.

Two more days left of the camp! I love it!