Summit Waves!!!

Today I took three of my favorite little people, and we went to Summit Waves. Summit Waves is the local water park here in L.S. It has a Lazy River, a pool with diving boards, and two BIG water slides! The kid's favorite part appeared to be the Lazy River. I think they would have done it all evening if I had let them! As for me, I LOVED the water slides! There was a body slide, and a slide that you went down on a raft. My favorite was the body slide! It was REALLY long and PITCH DARK! That's right, twists and turns IN THE DARK! I LOVED IT!

Of course, on my initial ride down, I was scared spitless, and the smallest little person was next! I was nervous she would come out screaming! Instead, she came out grinning. It was INCREDIBLE. Due to the fact you couldn't see anything, the twists, turns, and drops were incredible! It was SO FAST that at the end when I came out of the tunnel, I was sucked down into the water before coming back up! IT WAS AWESOME!

The other slide was FAST too, and it was dark too. However, on that one, there were occasional areas with light, whereas on the other one it was PITCH BLACK! The cool part was at the end of the raft slide, I slid all the way to the other side of the area of water that I landed in due to how fast I was going! (Everyone slid that far!) It was SO MUCH FUN!

I hope to go back again soon! The little people made it amazing. Their perspectives kept me laughing and laughing.

Did I mention that I love Summer?!!