A Tribute To Boots!!!

The other day while I was driving the shuttle for Signs and Wonders Camp, this furry kid named Boots came to my mind. Several years ago, I was asked to house-sit for some friends of mine who owned Boots. Of course, I jumped at the chance to spend some time with the furry kid! Boots was my first lesson in taking care of an indoor dog. When I was a kid, we had OUTDOOR dogs. So, when I went to take care of Boots, I wasn't really sure what to expect.

I kept Boots a couple times, and Boots was a very faithful companion while I was there. As you can tell, he wasn't necessarily a small dog, so I couldn't hold him in my lap. I think Boots would have sat in my lap though if he had been small enough to fit, as he seemed to like being petted a lot.

He was an incredibly SWEET dog. I remember at one point during my house-sitting experience, I lost electricity and Boots guided me through the dark hallway to the phone. I will never forget that.

He was also my first lesson in having a dog around that was ALWAYS in the same room I was in at all times. I remember when I first went over, I was nervous because I thought I would have to find him throughout the house. As it turned out, I was SO WRONG! Boots actually followed me throughout the house all the time, and even as I watched TV, he laid on the couch beside me so I could pet him while I watched! He was an INCREDIBLE companion during those days.

My friends who owned him would probably write a whole lot more than I have here, as they obviously knew him better than I did. However, I think it's okay to only share a little bit. After all, it is about remembering him that matters.

As it turns out, Boots died at the end of last Summer. I found out about it via FB. At that time, I felt bad for my friends, as they loved the dog very much. Today, I feel for them even more, as I can't imagine how well I would handle it if Jay wasn't by my side daily.

Today, I sit here and I ponder Boots. Boots was a really cool dog who knew how to love people very well. I learned a great deal from Boots. And while I haven't seen him in YEARS, I miss him. I find that amazing, how we can love dogs, and even miss them even when they weren't a part of our daily lives. I think that even works with people. (Of course, in my mind, dogs are people!) People come and go out of our lives and still leave an impression on hearts, just as Boots left one on mine. I will never, ever forget that sweet dog...

By the way, Boots' family has adopted another dog named Boomer. Which is great, and I KNOW that Boots wouldn't mind. Just because Boomer is there, Boots isn't forgotten. He will live in our hearts forever.

We miss you Boots!