Union Station!!!

Today we went to Union Station to see the Dinosaur Exhibit and the Train Exhibit. I had never been to Union Station, so the whole trip was an adventure.

The boys were extremely excited to see the Dinosaurs. The three-year-old got inside the exhibit and they did such a good job of making it sound like real dinosaurs, he got scared!!! With life-like dinosaurs we could move with the push of a button, the nine-year-old LOVED IT. I enjoyed pushing the 6 month old around in a stroller while their Mom took care of the three-year-old. I was amazed by the whole exhibit. It was very educational and I learned quite a bit. I thought it was fun!

After that, we discovered that the Train Exhibit was FREE with the purchase of another attraction ticket. (Free is good!) I enjoyed that even more because the three-year-old LOVED it! While SuperMom took care of feeding the baby, I walked around with the three-year-old as he followed each train. It was PRICELESS! It also reminded me of Grandpa Springer. I can't explain exactly why, but looking at the old pictures, I thought of my Grandpa, and it made me smile. I thought that was cool.

Tomorrow we're doing the KC Zoo. I have been there before, but it's been so long since then that I don't remember it.

I am thoroughly enjoying my visit with TeacherFam and her kids. Jay is even doing well. He's wiped out by all the playing with the little people, but is liking it!