Worlds of FUN!!!

Today I went with Drummerboy to Worlds of Fun. I have been looking forward to today, since it has been YEARS since I have been there. We got there about 2:30-ish p.m., and rode a few of the easy rides. The first big ride we did was Fury of the Nile, which I have absolutely loved since I was in High School. I was pretty wet by the end of it, but I expected that since it's a water ride. *grin*

Our next ride was the Mamba Roller Coaster. I have been on this coaster several times before, but it has been so long, I couldn't remember it. It was such a hit, we rode it four times. It was the PERFECT day to go because there weren't long lines, so you could pretty much get off the ride and then get right back on. The Mamba is a steel coaster that does not flip, but has a 205 feet drop at 75 miles per hour! I loved it!!! It has 5 or 6 hills in it, and I LOVED every second of it.

After that, I honestly can't remember the sequence of rides that we did. I do remember having Drummerboy drive the Taxi Cars, which was fun. We also did bumper cars SEVERAL times. At my request, we rode the train as a miniature break from all the excitement. We also saw the dog show.

At about 8:30, we got on the Patriot Roller Coaster. I had never been on that coaster before, and was VERY excited about it. It is a coaster that has the track ABOVE the passengers. It was A BLAST! It has loops and twists and turns, and due to the way the coaster is made, I really never knew what was coming up next on the ride. I found myself saying WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Well, okay, you had to be there, but it was fun!

After doing the Patriot 4 times, Drummerboy decided that he wanted to do the Mamba one last time. I will openly admit that I wasn't thrilled about that idea simply because the Mamba is so far away from the Patriot ride and my legs were TIRED. But, I didn't want to let Drummerboy down, so I agreed. As it turned out, that was one GREAT idea he had. On the walk to the Mamba, we walked through Snoopy's Hot Summer Nights Lights. I LOVED it. I have never seen lights like the ones they had tonight. (I will also admit, I never did see the Christmas Lights at SDC.) It was really special to me. Plus, I had never been in the park past dark, so it was even more special because of that.

As it turned out, we rode on the LAST car of the night for the Mamba. After riding the Patriot, I honestly expected the Mamba not to be as cool as it was prior to the discovery of the Patriot ride. I was SO WRONG. *grin* Not only was it still cool, but we rode it IN THE DARK!!! I loved it! The Mamba was a PERFECT way to end the night.

While I am EXHAUSTED now, it was one of the best days I've had this Summer.