An Evening of Laughter!!!

I believe that this Summer God has really been teaching me about laughter. As I have shared before, I have heard myself laughing more this Summer than I can recall in a long time. I feel His JOY like never before, and it is very refreshing. Sometimes I laugh at Jay, as he is a constant source of joy. Of course, sometimes I scratch my head and think, "What are you doing?" but it is still funny. I also laugh as I drive shuttles. I find that I look forward the most to Sunday evenings because we have the same drivers and we've gotten to know each other a little bit through driving. For example, last night was fun as I laughed with Cherokee about some stories we were sharing from our past fourth of July celebrations. While I promised not to print the stories shared, I will say it was a JOY getting to know Cherokee beyond "Hi." I laughed a lot, which was fun.

This afternoon Ms. H. came to my house, and we had a GREAT time laughing and talking. While we didn't go and do a whole lot, I think it was a really cool evening just because we were able to sit, laugh, and talk. I had rented INPLAINSIGHT, Season 1, Disc 1, so we laughed at that all evening. One of my favorite things about Ms. H. is how we pick on each other (I've known her since '96) and laugh. And when I say laugh, it's not a shallow laugh (at least not for me), it's that deep, joyous laughter. Ms. H. has been given the gift of Joy from God, which blesses everyone around her. It makes it easy to see how her students respond to her so well.

I have a feeling that Joy and Laughter is something the Lord is going to keep showing me in the days and weeks to come. (Camp is around the corner!) And I truly believe that life isn't truly lived unless you find laughter and joy in the everyday stuff. Not long ago, I was "stuck". Now I'm not. *grin* LOVE. IT.

GREAT. *grin*