I think it's amazing how fast weekends go by, even during the Summer. I drive shuttles on weekends, so I think that makes it go extra fast. I think the phrase "Time flies when you're having fun" becomes more true to me as each year passes by.

This past Friday Night one of my favorite people, Karen, came to see me. While her visit was short, it was still WONDERFUL. We went to Awakening Service together, and I was reminded how much fun it is to experience that with a friend. Not that I mind doing it on my own, but it was REALLY cool to have Karen with me. It was her first Awakening Service, and she liked it.

After Awakening, we ate at IHOP (Pancakes) for a midnight meal. One of my favorite things about Karen (And there are a lot of favorite things now that I think about it) is how I can tell her whatever I'm thinking, and she does the same with me. I am honored to be in her little corner of the world, and it is a blessing to know that our friendship has grown even though we don't live in the same town. It is a blessed thing to have someone in which you can share your deepest hopes, dreams, and fears with and know that they won't be shared elsewhere. And, Karen and I laugh a lot, which is also a highlight.

Yep, friendship is a GREAT thing, and something I don't for granted.

I thank God daily for Karen. *grin*