Yesterday morning I woke up to Jay barking like crazy. I looked out my window, and saw a FedEx truck in my driveway! I was SO EXCITED because I knew that meant that my iPhone was here! I rushed to change into clothes other than my PJ's, and ran downstairs. After signing the electronic signature mechanism, and making small talk with the driver (who noticed my IHOP bracelet and tried to chat about that, but I was too excited to chat!) I came inside and opened my package.

Within a short amount of time, I realized that I had been living in the stone-age with my old phone. Texting was the thing that blew me away the most. On my last phone I was still touching digits more than once to type out messages. Having a touch screen to type out messages still blows me away! I love it! Plus, having unlimited texting now is a new freedom I didn't have before! *grin*

This morning I managed to set up an app on the phone, and it makes me wonder what else this little phone can do. It also makes me wonder what will be available in two years when I'm eligible for an upgrade, as technology is changing more and more each day. It amazes me.

For now, I'll keep figuring out what my phone can do. And grin the whole time I'm doing it!