So, last night at Awakening, I entered at the beginning of a ministry time. During that time, people who desire someone to pray with them come up to the front and then prayer warriors come up and pray for people. This has been my favorite part of living here because I absolutely LOVE praying for God's kids!

However, last night I was challenged...

So, it was crowded and I went up behind a lady and started praying for her from behind. Due to the fact I was behind her, I didn't see her face. When it was possible, I moved in front of her so she could hear me. When I moved, I realized who it was that I had been praying for. It was the one and ONLY upset passenger I've had on shuttles that has been upset with me. She was actually upset with me twice because she felt I had left her in the Overflow Lot when in reality she wasn't at the shuttle stop when I departed for FSM. Both times she was upset set with me, she struck me as the type of gal who is always upset about something. Even after I explained to her that she wasn't there when I left the Lot, it didn't seem to matter. She still got off the shuttle mad.

So, last night when I realized who it was, I wanted to walk away. However, the Lord had other ideas so I stayed and prayed.

Then when I walked away, I told God I didn't like His sense of humor. *grin*