Keepin' Me on my Toes!!!

I find it amazing how fast this Summer is going by. I checked my work email account and there were dates to write down for fall events. That hardly seems possible. Didn't school just get out? Wow!

I sit here tonight and Jay is sprawled across my lap asleep. I was just thinking that 48 hours from now I will be out at camp, and will really miss him. That's saying a lot, as tonight has been character-building. No, really, it has been.

We went over to RockStarPara's for lunch to hang out, and had a great time. We managed to get home just in time to beat the Thunderstorm. While it was good that we beat the storm, it was bad because we didn't get to go for our usual walk. Therefore, Jay has been climbing the walls tonight. Not to mention, he has been smelling up the place with his farts. (I could say that less bluntly, but really, why?)

I texted Ms. H. around 8 and offered her Jay for a while. She declined.

I have pondered parenthood, and imagine Jay is giving me a taste of parenthood. Not completely of course, but he has needed to be in my lap ALL evening. I even gave him a rawhide chew, and he didn't want it. He has worn me out!

So, I guess you could say that I am looking forward to Camp on SO MANY levels!

I also imagine that on Thursday when I drop him off at RockStarPara's, I will start missing him the moment I drive off.