Time for Me

This year at work, I am trying to work under one basic rule: I am third. I am to serve Jesus first, people second, and me third. If you've known me for any length of time, you know that this is a carry-over from what I have learned out at Camp Barnabas. Out at camp, they use the "JOY" principle that is basically the same idea. Jesus, Others, Yourself.

I have decided that this weekend is MINE. While that will really mean just sitting on the couch, cuddling with Jay, paying bills, and finishing student documentation, it will be a relaxing weekend nonetheless. I will also drive shuttles (We're down to three weeks of Awakening Services) which is FUN for me, as well as spend some time in Awakening Service tomorrow night. *grin*

This week I also got hooked on the show "Parenthood" and I now have disc one of the first season to watch.


Sometimes, it's okay just to take time for ourselves. After all, I need to rest up so I can be "Third" again next week!