Today I was semi-productive, but was able to rest too. I enjoyed sleeping in, which was a highlight for me. I love to sleep, so that part was REALLY nice! Jay and I lounged around and cuddled this morning. I LOVED that! My favorite kind of days are the ones where I can slowly begin the day. *grin*

This afternoon I went and took care of my car tags. I had been dreading the joyous experience because it always takes so much time. Today I was pleasantly surprised when it only took about 30 minutes from start-to-finish. I was prepared and took a book for my wait, and I felt a huge weight lifted as I walked out with my little stickers for my car.

Tonight I put in a bad movie and worked on Christmas Cards. I still have quite a bit to do, but it was good to get ahead of the schedule on the card craziness. I turned off the movie, and am glad I do Netflix. I would have felt ripped if I had paid full-price for that movie!

My highlight of my day came via text from a friend. She told me, via text, that I am one of the blessings that she will share tomorrow at her family's Thanksgiving Dinner. I was/am touched. I am one blessed gal.