For those of you new to my corner of the world this year, I want to share with you that the next four days are my FAVORITE days out of the ENTIRE year! It is the Annual Onething Conference, hosted by IHOP-KC. I have honestly lost count of how many Onething Conferences I have attended, but each year God has met me in a very special way at the conference. And, I know this year He'll meet me again!

Actually, I drove shuttles tonight for about 3 hours to help people get down there and back for setup. It takes several days to set up for the conference. And for me, the conference actually started tonight.

Tongiht, Arden got on my shuttle. I had met Arden several times before on the shuttle, and was excited when she got on and rode up front with me. It's about a 25 minute drive from Bartle Hall to the GPR, and it was nice to have a friend to share the ride with. She got in and immediately showed me the ring on her left finger and told me that she is engaged. I was SO excited for her. She's probably my age, if not a little bit older, and she went on to share her story with me about her fiancee Paul, and how God had orchestrated their love story. I'll be honest, sometimes I have to take a thought of jealousy captive when I hear someone is engaged, but tonight I felt TRUE joy for Arden. She has waited for this guy, and it is who God has for her. I just smiled and told her I really needed to hear that story. As I kept driving Arden prayed for me. I was touched by her kindness, and felt the Lord's peace as she prayed. God has been speaking to me about a lot of things lately, and that was the PERFECT way to start out the Conference this year! *grin*

This week is going to be BUSY and TIRING and FUN. And one week from tonight, I'll wish we could do it all over again! *grin*