Wow....what a date! 1/1/11! It's exciting just looking at it!

I sit here today reflecting upon OneThing last night. This was the 9th OneThing that I have attended, and God did more than I ever expected him to do! He loves to do that!

The last night of the conference is always my favorite, as God loves to do AMAZING things that night. I met so many NICE people, and the service itself was cool.

I met a nine-year-old named Isaac who absolutely blessed my heart! Before the service, the Lord highlighted him to me. I wasn't sure why, but He did. So, after a little while, I went over and talked to him. As it turns out, his name is Isaac Michael. I asked his parents what Isaac meant, and they said "Laughter." That definitely fit this young man. So, I called Slim (one of my shuttle buddies) to find out what "Michael" meant. As it turns out, it means, "Of The Lord." This definitely fit Isaac too. So, I talked to him a bit, and had SO MUCH FUN getting to know him. As it turns out, his sister was on my shuttle during the kid's conference last Summer. It was REALLY cool to get to know them. My favorite part was when worship started and the kid went for it! I mean, this kid is nine and was entering into the Presence in a way to blessed me, and I know it blessed God even more. He inspired me. It was really cool. Before his family left, I prayed over him. He is a sweet kid, and I know I'll see him again. *grin*

The rest of the service was really cool too. At one point, I just walked around praying for people. That was a lot of fun. The Lord used me to give encouragement to His kids. I was excited about that because I really hadn't done much of that throughout the conference. That was my second-favorite part of the day.

My FAVORITE part was when Corey led worship. Corey is anointed. We entered in the new year dancing and singing. I encountered God AGAIN! IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!

Ah, OneThing has come and gone. That's okay because I live here. I can enter in ANYTIME I want. I live here.