For the THIRD week in a row, God blessed me with a sermon that I LOVED! As I have shared the past two weekends, I had been praying for a season of sermons that would minister to me. Prior to Onething, I was somewhat struggling because God wasn't meeting me during sermon times at FCF. It wasn't that the sermons were bad, they just weren't for "me". I know, I know, life isn't always about me (obviously) but I was missing having God pierce my heart during the Word. Since Onething, every sermon I have heard has ministered to me in one way or another, and I am SO happy about that!

Tonight Dana Candler brought the Word, and although it wasn't so much for me, it was A LOT of confirmation on some things I have been pondering and praying about. I love it when God does that, when you've been pondering specific things and then He brings it forth in a sermon and solidifies what you already came to in your quiet time!!! I LOVE IT!

Ministry time was fun too because I got to pray for a lot of people, and I LOVE that! It especially blessed me when someone pulled me over and asked me to pray for them. I absolutely LOVE that! *grin*

God is AMAZING!!! Sermon time...worship time...prayer time. It was all GREAT! *grin*