I didn't post this story last night, as I was really tired, but I want to share it tonight because it was a story I don't want to forget. After seeing the play, I went with Rockstarpara, C.J., and Cheergal to Applebee's for dinner. In case you're new to the blog, C.J. was born with Down's and is a special 18 year old young man. I LOVE being around C.J.! He's such a sweet kid!

At Applebee's he was picking on his sister, and so I decided I would distract him and get his mind off Cheergal. So, I made a face at him. He made a face back at me. Yes, we turned into toddlers making faces at each other. Then we were just looking at each other and he said, "I won." I looked at him and said, "What? What did you win? I didn't even know there was a contest?" He replied with, "You blinked." Okay, so then it was ON! We did thumb-wrestling, arm-wrestling, and stare-down competition. It was SO MUCH FUN! Of course, I turned to RockStarPara and said, "Is it scary how immature I can be around your son?" She just laughed!

Afterward, we got in the car and we had Chris Tomlin going on the CD Player. (We're going to the Chris Tomlin show in March!) He was singing and I turned to RockStarPara and I said, "Can I sit by him at the concert?" She said "Sure."

I love that kid!