Books, Kids, and the Prayer Room

Last night I had a WONDERFUL time with Drummerboy and the Singinggirls! We wound up having a Mario Party here at my house! We got to World 5! We laughed, yelled at the TV, and cheered each other on to victory. In fact, their Mother called in the middle of our game last night and I didn't answer the phone. (She called the home phone.) She immediately called the cell phone, which I answered. As I answered, we were all hollering and such because we had just passed a level! It was funny! I loved it!

After dropping the kiddies off at their house this evening, I went to the Prayer Room. Misty led at first, and that was my FAVORITE part of the whole night. While Matt continues to be my FAVORITE, Misty continues to be my all-time favorite. I encountered God tonight. It was GREAT.

After that set, I read my book. I checked out a book from the library at the recommendation of a fellow teacher, and I am completely into it! At times like this that I can't believe that there are people who don't like to read. I am about to log out so I can go read the book. *grin*

Spring Break has been great. I think it's going by too fast! *grin*