I tell ya what, I have been praying for a breakthrough with the Lord for a WHILE now. That being said, I recognize I haven't been seeking Him like I used to, so it stands to reason that the breakthrough wasn't there because I wasn't pressing in like I wanted it. Tonight I spent 6 hours in the PRAYER ROOM and it felt like about ten minutes!!! It was amazing!!! AND THE BREAKTHROUGH CAME!!! *grin*

While I could explain every little detail of tonight, I won't. I wrote it all out in my journal, which is where it should stay. But, I can say that it felt GREAT to be hearing from Him again!!! I felt like a ball player who had been in a slump and tonight I was back in the action!

It's amazing to me how much the Prayer Room feels like home. I sat there tonight at one point just grinning, and (once again) pinched myself because I still can't believe I live here!!! I sat through three teams, the first one had a lot of Misty's team on it (Including Misty, but she wasn't leading), Matt (MY FAVORITE!!!), and then CORY!!! Ah, I loved it.