Last night I went with RockStarPara, Cheergal, and C.J. to see Chris Tomlin live! I was so excited! My heart was expectant, and I knew it wouldn't be a concert, I knew it would be a night of worship. I was RIGHT! From the first note to the last, we lifted the name of Jesus! It was INCREDIBLE!

An added bonus was having Christy Nockels join Chris on stage. She led worship on a couple songs that ABSOLUTELY touched my heart and made me fall even more in-love with the Lord. It was a very special night for me.

Louie Giglio also spoke, which is ALWAYS a highlight for me! His sermon gave me a new perspective of singing with the sounds of Heaven. I drew nearer to the Lord in that short little sermon. I really did. *grin*

Perhaps the most touching moment of the night for me came at the end of Louie's talk when he encouraged us to stand if we're waiting on God for something. I stood up, and C.J. stood next to me. I didn't know it, as my eyes were closed and I was talking to God. The next thing I knew Christy started to sing, and I felt C.J. put his arm around me, with his hand on my shoulder. At that moment, I thanked God. I was praying about one thing, and He reminded me that there are people beside me, linking arms, walking beside me. That blessed me. I put my other hand up to worship and looked over and C.J. was doing the same thing. *grin* Thank You God!

Yep. It was a night I'll never forget.