Today proved to be a HILARIOUS day in my little corner of the world! I had four separate situations today that led to GREAT quotes that I want to share tonight!

The first one came while I was walking down the hallway first thing this morning. A little first grader stopped me to give me a hug. I'll nickname him Eli for the sake of this post. Eli came into my room last year and helped out from time to time. We got to be pretty good buddies. So, after Eli hugged me, he started to walk on to his classroom. Next thing I heard was his little feet and "Ms. Springer, Ms. Springer!" To which I replied, "Yes, Eli." He looked at me, pointed to my leg, and said, "What's wrong with your leg?" I just started laughing! He's known me over a year and just now noticed? Wow! *grin* I LOVE that little guy!

The next one came a little while later after I gave a sixth grader his reading test. After earning 85% on his test, I told T.J. that we would play a round of Ratuki. (It's a FAST game that takes about 5 minutes to play one round, so it's a great reinforcer.) We played a round, and I won! So I said something like "Ha! I won!" To which he replied, "Ms. Springer you're crushing my spirit!" with a HUGE GRIN on his face! After I stopped laughing, I told him that was going in the quote book! *grin*

A little while later in the day I was walking out of the office to head back to my classroom, and I saw SWEETGAL in the hallway with her para. She saw me, stopped, put her books down, said, "Wait, I give you a hug." I stopped and gave her a hug. Isn't that GREAT?

Finally, the last one of the day came at the very end. Today is Principal's Day so my students were instructed to write a nice letter to our principal. They were told to write a Rough Draft and show it to me before getting the card to write on. The students had started writing, and had been writing for SEVERAL minutes when SLOWWRITER turns to my para and says, "So, what are we supposed to write about?" After we all stopped laughing, I put my head down on my desk and quietly prayed. Some days I wonder about my little people...