Today was one of those AMAZING days. You know those days when so many cool things happen and you think, "GOD, YOU ARE SO GOOD TO US!" Today was one of those days!!! It was also a day that I know years from now I will look back on and say, "I remember when..."

I started out in a meeting before school and found out that a couple friends at work will get to remain with us! Well, as of now they will! I suppose a transfer is still possible, but as of right now, they are home! In the past few weeks my work family has been on quite a roller coaster due to various things beyond our control, and this was GREAT news for us! We needed some good news!

After school we had an unscheduled faculty meeting and found out that our interim leader gets to stay with us!!! It was one of those moments I will never forget because the big wig began by talking to us about what we wanted in a new leader, and then he announced who it was going to be and in that moment, we all cheered!!! I silently thanked God because on Monday I had started praying for this leader to join our family! That moment of cheer was amazing...the staff I'm on is INCREDIBLE and we're definitely headed in the right direction!!!

I'll be honest, EVERYDAY since my last leader left, I have missed her. Literally, I say a pray daily because I miss her, and I'm still walking through my feelings of losing a friend who was a part of my life. But I also know this is what was supposed to happen!

Thank You, God!