i should be grading.

but instead i've been playing with my blog.
the other day we were talking about what they don't teach you in college, and from that ms. h came up with a sort of teacher forum to discuss all those things. i think this is a great idea. as i told ms. h in an email, i think people need to know what they're getting into before they start teaching. while i knew teaching would be difficult, i never realized how much it took. as i've said before in here, teaching isn't just discussing literature or grammar or composition. i have to deal with my kids' successes and failures just like i have to deal with my own. i have to deal with what's happening in their personal lives just like my own. they have things going on in their lives that i couldn't possibly comprehend, but i have to try. because they trust me, and they need guidance. and sometimes they don't know who else to turn to. i didn't know i'd be dealing with that when i first got started.
plus, the questions. i really do feel like a sideshow freak sometimes. they want to know everything. they apparently think teachers aren't real people.