Today was a lot of fun. I drove shuttles, which was fun. And then I went to the PRAYER ROOM! Gosh, it has been a LONG time since I have just sat and relaxed in the Prayer Room for a period of time! I LOVED every moment of it! It amazes me how fast time flies in there. I sat down at about 2:15, and next thing I knew it was 5:45! I loved it!!! *grin* I plan on going again tomorrow!!!

Following that, I came home and immediately tuned in to see what the College Basketball Brackets look like for the Big Dance. I LOVED that too! I printed out a bracket and filled it in. Sure, I know you can fill it out online and have it all figured online, but what fun is that? I printed two copies, one for my picks and one for the winners! I can't wait for the tournament to start this week! It's going to be a FUN week!!! *grin*

I could get used to this Spring Break stuff! *grin*