My Wonderings....

Earlier this week I was in a classroom, and the Regular Education Teacher was teaching her students how to broaden their thinking as they become stronger writers. I am constantly amazed at how talented this teacher is when I go into her classroom. God has clearly given her a gift to write, and to encourage her students to love writing as well.

On that morning, she encouraged the students to ponder what they were wondering about. She used the example that she woke up that day wondering how her tutoring session would go that day because she was starting tutoring with a new student. The students were then asked to write about what they were wondering about. Since that morning, I have noticed that I have been wondering about a lot of things...

I went and filled up my gas tank today. Fortunately, today was the first day in TWO weeks that I have filled up the tank. One of the perks of moving here is that I live TEN minutes from work! That being said, this afternoon I paid $3.39/gal. I can't recall paying that much for gas before. Perhaps I have, but I can't recall it. As I was filling up my tank, I high will the cost of gas rise to in my lifetime? Or, more importantly, how high will it get in the NEAR future? That had me scratching my head quite a bit this afternoon. *grin*

We need to set our clocks AHEAD an hour tonight before I go to bed. (I'm obviously posting this on Saturday Night.) I read how it all started, what the idea behind it was, etc. And while I am excited about more daylight starting tomorrow, I have wondered why change it at all? Why not just leave it where it will be starting tomorrow? I dunno...I was just wondering...

This morning I woke up wondering about school. Two years ago this month I was sitting at my parents house during Spring Break with a laptop, filling out my MO-REAP application and sending in all my information to various districts and praying for a school that was what God had for me. I found it. I know that. Without a shadow of a doubt I KNOW that I'm where God wants me to be. That being said, I'm in the midst of some tough stuff at work. I woke up and just laid there, wondering. Wondering. Wondering. Wondering. God, what are you up to?

That led to a day-long discussion with God. I kept asking Him, WHAT ARE YOU UP TO? God and I have this ongoing joke, I keep telling Him that I want to the Fast Forward Button to see how everything turns out so that today is easier. He is constantly reminding me that that's not that way things work. I often tell God He's not that funny! *grin*

As the day went on, I realized I really need some time in the GPR this next week. I see parts of what God is up to, and will obviously not know EVERYTHING, as He's the only one with knowledge of the end of things going on, but I need to be strengthened in Him to finish out this school year. I need to journal. I need to pray. I need to REST. I know that is HUGE as well.

I also recognized today how I'm not as close to Him as I want to be. I want to be as close as Jay is to me. I sit here typing this, and he is asleep at my feet. Literally, he is in-between my legs, head on my left foot, asleep. Well, okay, he just woke up when I looked at him. *grin* But, he lays in this same position nightly, waiting patiently for me to get done blogging so we can cuddle before we head upstairs and crash. I want to be as close to God as Jay is to me. I have not felt that in a while. I know me, and I know why I feel that way, so I'm blessed to have Spring Break upon us. The GPR will be GREAT for me this week. *grin*

Finally, my last pondering for the day occurred as I was swapping messages with a Joplin friend a little while ago. I wonder how far KU will go in the tourney this year. *grin* See, I can ponder deep stuff, or just fun stuff. *grin* I think God enjoys it when I ponder both.

I think it's time to crash. I'm driving shuttles in the morning, and with the time change I don't want to be too tired. *grin*

GREAT...with Spring Break upon us!!!