I think it's neat how God can bless you with something that just makes you grin ear-to-ear. This morning I had TWO of those moments!!!

Every morning I have a student come in to read his flash cards to me. He was on my caseload last year, but is on someone else's this year. He really wanted to keep seeing me though, so we decided he could drop by before school each morning and we could read his ten words. I enjoy my five minutes each morning with this student, as he tries SO HARD to get the words right. I love it.

This morning ReadingKid came in with AutisticBoy. AutisticBoy was in my class last year, and I don't see him very much at all this year. I was SO excited to see him! He came in and we chatted briefly. His words were, "I wanted to come see you since I don't see you any more." I was just GRINNING ear-to-ear. I LOVED IT! He didn't stay long, but I was really happy. *grin*

ReadingKid read his words really well this morning, which was nice too. He always does a good job though. I think once he builds his self confidence he'll get more fluent. *grin*

The other real highlight this morning was Eli. He had the library basket from his class, so I would guess he was either headed to the library or headed back to class from the library, and he stopped by my room. He came in and said, "Ms. Springer, I'm here to give you your morning hug!" I just grinned! I love that kid! He also came by after school to give me another hug before his tutoring too! Gosh, that kid is amazing! *grin*

Yeah, I'm looking forward to Spring Break next week like you wouldn't believe, but today was a pretty spiffy day!