Spring Break Eve

I really enjoy my job. I really do. My students are amazing little people. And even when they lie to me, as one of them did today, I still love them as if they were my own kids. In addition to my own students, I have also picked up two kids that I'm tutoring that I am REALLY enjoying as well!

That being said, I think everyone needs a break from each other. I know that I am in need of some time away. While I am not going away like my brother (Who is leaving the country...please be careful & have FUN Scienceguy and Moviegal!) I am simply in need of some time away from the building. We all do.

Today we officially welcomed someone to our staff and that helped my mood significantly regarding last week's stuff. It really did. And for that I am grateful. Deeply grateful. Our entire staff needed that. *grin*

I think some time away to rest and relax will be good for everyone.

We have the BIG DANCE coming up, I see good times in the GPR next week on my own schedule, and we get to start break with KU playing ball tomorrow night! *grin*

I can't wait.

SPIFFY...with break in less than 24 hours!!!