This Spring Break I plan to...

1. Read
2. Cuddle with Jay.
3. Sleep In.
4. Catch up on DVR shows.
5. Watch KU play ball.
6. Did I say read? *grin*
7. Surf the web.
8. Hang out with C.J. at some point.
9. Hang out with Drummerboy and his siblings.
10. Take Jay to the vet.
11. Hang out with parental unit.
12. Watch a movie or two or three.
13. Sleep
14. Read
15. Walk Jay
16. GPR Time---CAN'T WAIT FOR MONDAY NIGHT!!! *grin*

I will do some school work, but it's not going to make the list. After all, my goal is to REST and RELAX a bit.

GREAT...WITH A BREAK!!! *grin*