This is Not...This is Not Our Home

I shared earlier this week about Laura Story's Song, "Blessings" and that it was impacting me in a deep way. As this week has progressed, it has completely helped me draw nearer to God. This week I have been deep in thought. DEEP in thought. So much has happened this school year that has challenged me in ways that I never expected. I guess to be completely honest, none of it would have been what I would have chosen in the flesh. In fact, two years ago when I was job searching, I NEVER thought I would have walked through what I have this year. It's been quite a ride.

So when God put Laura's song in my path, I knew it was to speak to me. I realize it's also for others on this planet, but it has captured me and allowed me to dialogue with Him in some deep ways. Even in those things that are so deep within my heart that there aren't words for it, I know He hears it.

I find that each day God highlights a different line of the song for me to meditate and pray over. I like that. It's been so long since I've had a song that has challenged me and touched me like that that it's shaken me and blessed me all at the same time.

In the song she sings, "This is not, this is not our home..."

That has absolutely transformed me. I have spent a lot of time in the past month sorting through emotions regarding various things, and as I've meditated on this line, it makes me realize how small these things are in comparison to the bigger picture. This is not my home...I LOVE THAT!

Changes my whole perspective, and makes me smile.